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Questions To Make You Think About

Where You Are Right Now
  • People Unhappy At Work 49%
  • Looking For A Career Change 55%
  • Disengaged At Work 49%
  • Jobs Not Advertised Online 80%
  • Recruiters Using Linkedin 89%

  • On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you at work?
  • If all jobs were paid the same, what job would you do?
  • What could you change about the job you’re already doing?
  • What will happen if nothing changes?
  • Who will be affected if nothing changes?
  • What might happen if you changed career?
  • What wouldn’t happen?
  • What skills do you have that are transferable?
  • What side gig could you begin whilst you bridge a career shift?
  • Who could help you?

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.. Arran was approachable, engaging and I immediately felt at ease. Through our sessions, Arran coached me to see a different angle, through his challenging questions and with his help, I was able to recognize the areas of my life where I could improve myself. I achieved balance in my career, one of my original goals on embarking the coaching.


Assistant To C.E.O, Global Organisation

As a senior manager, it’s sometimes hard to share your thoughts internally…I have grown personally in ways I did not realize I would, made important career decisions using methods I had not previously thought of. Arran is a must have for any executive and I would encourage anyone who is looking to develop their careers and improve to use his services.”


Sales Director, Global Organisation

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