If you’re working full time and have decided on a job move, then you may have a shock coming to you. Job hunting can be a full-time job in itself unless you find some time-saving hacks that speed up your job search. You see, between writing endless resumes, cover letters, connecting with hiring managers, online applications and preparing for interviews, your midnight oil can soon get burnt out. 

So, to help you speed up your job search, I’ve put together 2 simple hacks, so you will still have time to enjoy some well earned R&R!

Speed Up Your Job Search With Google Alerts

While writing a targeted resume or preparing for an interview, company research is going to be your number one priority.

You’re going to want to keep your finger on the pulse of up and coming industry news, jobs, and skill requirements. To automate this research process whilst keeping your sanity intact, set up a Google Alert.

These alerts mean you’ll be notified of the latest news about the person or company you choose to follow, which will give you plenty of kudos during a chat with potential employers or in an interview.


How to speed up your job search


To get started with Google Alerts go here google.com/alerts

How To Set Up Google Alerts

Once you’re logged into your Google account, the first thing to set up is your search term.

It’s important to pick a search phrase that is fairly specific so you don’t end up with too many results. Remember, Google will send you newly indexed posts and not every result there is on the web, so by keeping your search term specific to your goal, will cut down your time reading irrelevant out-dated articles.

Once you’ve done that, head over and set your advanced options. Here you can choose how often you want to receive alerts and how often you want to receive notifications. By default, the setting will give you no more than once a day but be careful not to get too many as you will end up just ignoring them.




If you pick an unusual search item to follow or are following a company very closely, select “As-it-happens“.

Next, select how you wish to receive your alerts as by default they will be sent to the email address you used when you set your Google account up. To avoid receiving duplicate content, it’s also a good idea to choose the option of “Best Quality” results.

To finish up the process select the “Create Alert” button and you’re done!

These alerts are not only a great way to speed up your job search, it means you won’t miss out on vital company, industry or event news ever again…


Follow Up With Boomerang 

During your job search journey (which can feel like a round-the-world trip), you’ll be contacting a whole host of people.

Whether it’s strengthening your contacts, reaching out to recruiters or following up on applications and interviews, your inbox is going to get even busier!

Statistics show that the average person receives 88 emails a day but only sends 34, meaning we are getting over 2.5X more emails than we’re sending.

With this amount of email overload, it’s easy to overlook following up on a meeting or a replying to a hiring manager, so that’s where Boomerang comes in.

Get your job hunt moving quicker by using these 2 job search hacks

This nifty Gmail add-on service, allows you to schedule your emails and reminds you to follow it up if you don’t get a reply.

I won’t go into how to set this up and use it because I’ve found a super easy video which explains it all!  


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Bonus Email Hack To Speed Up Your Job Search

However, what I will tell you is about another little hack that involves email, specifically how to know if an email you’ve sent to a recruiter or hiring manager has actually been opened.

How many times have you sent in an application or a thank you note after an interview and waited for a reply and wondered… Did they receive it? Is it lost in hyperspace somewhere? Days can feel like months, right?

Luckily with Sidekick, you can now track all of the emails you send, see who opened them, when, on what device.


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This neat little app happily syncs up with your Gmail or Outlook accounts and is an insanely helpful tool when you’re trying to get people to respond to a message.

Think about it like this. If someone keeps opening up your email but fails to respond, they’re probably just up to their necks in it and your email has taken its place in line. By using this app, you can decide whether to reach out to them again and push to the front! The timing of an email in a job hunt can be the difference between being offered an opportunity or just missing out.

 I urge you now to implement these job search automation hacks to speed up your job search and give yourself the edge over most of the other candidates. 


As the founder of Arran Pullen Career coaching, Arran works with career professionals and job hunters. As an accredited coach and NLP practitioner, he provides a safe sounding board for his client’s ideas and provides resources, strategies, and techniques to help them to exceed their career goals. His articles have appeared in various e-zine sites including EzineArticles.com and LinkedIn, focusing on practical techniques to help professionals land their next job. As a former trainer, Arran also creates online courses and job landing tools that further support job hunters to negotiate the job searching maze.