If you’re looking to make a career move, be found by recruiters or you have a business that needs more leads then you need to know how to get the best from LinkedIn,

Sadly, it’s often one of the most underutilized social networks meaning a ton of people fail to fully engage with all of its uses and benefits. As one of the oldest social networks it has over 433 million users and is the world’ largest professional network, so having a strong presence on it is vital for any professional candidate or business owner.

Plus, did you know that over 80% of career recruiters admit they use Linkedin to find candidates?

So today I’m going to give you the rundown on how to get the best from LinkedIn with the least amount of effort.

Profile Pictures


Linkedin Best PracticesChoosing the right profile picture is up there with one of the most important aspects of using LinkedIn effectively. Your profile picture is going to be one of the first things a potential new employer, recruiter or potential business prospect will see you.

This picture could even make up their minds instantly whether they want to be associated with you. 

You got to think, “how do I want to come across?” 

Professional, employable, well kept.


I would try and resist choosing a photo of a hilarious cat, an Instagram-style photo or a picture of yourself on a night out, drinking from a strangers shoe! So all I’m going to say is just pick one that would have attached to a recent resume, such as a good quality headshot.

The more detailed, the better… (Within reason)

People on LinkedIn will be searching and skimming through profiles to find people to connect with and if you haven’t put in details about yourself on your page then, more than likely, these people will just pass you by.

It’s important to add a ‘Profile headline’ that, in a few words describes you and the thing(s) you do. It’s your professional identity as it were. In the main ‘meat’ of your bio, it’s a good thing to add as much as you can about your professional career. Use as many keywords as you can, your job title and words that are used in your market. 

This will mean you’ve got a better chance of appearing more frequently in search engine results when a recruiter is searching to fill a particular job post.

The ‘within reason’ part comes into play when people begin to start waffling.

Most like-minded professionals probably don’t want to know the names of all 5 of your dogs or your husband’s favorite pizza toppings- especially for a fellow graphic designer. These may be exaggerations, but you get my point. Keep it professional.



Linkedin Best Practices - Proof readingJust imagine if what you were reading now was full of spelling and grammar mistakes what would you think of me? – Unprofessional, sloppy or even careless? Even though this is a free blog post, I will still check and double-check it to ensure the words flow nicely and most importantly; you get what it is that I’m trying to say.

Why? –

Because my professional reputation could be at stake.


The same applies to your entire LinkedIn profile.

So take your time in wording your profile smartly and effectively. If you are happy with your profile, get someone else to take a look and see if they get it. “jus fink…if it looks ok the 1st tyme. every1 will get ur professional vibes. ” he he he..

Don’t lie

And before you say it. No, I’m not calling you a liar. I’m just making sure you are aware of the powers of an Internet search engine. Everything you put down on LinkedIn can easily be checked, especially things like your education and job history. The professional world, in particular, doesn’t tolerate lies or deception and when if are caught…

Do you come across trustworthy or seem like you follow moral and ethical codes of conduct ? … Just saying.

I’m sure you don’t need to lie about anything anyway because you are awesome!

Temporarily turn off activity notifications

Sharing profile edits on linkediin


If you are giving your page a complete overhaul and making it look more professional, it’s important to turn off activity broadcasts whilst you do so.

Friends and contacts you already have on LinkedIn could easily be bombarded with all the changes you make in their activity feeds, which doesn’t look all that professional, let alone could easily tick them off a little!

If you don’t mind about showing the world all of your little alterations then that’s your choice, but just remember if you update your previous work history, it may seem like you have a new job. So just be careful!


Simply go to the header navigation bar and click on the drop-down arrow where your thumbnail photo is. Choose the Setting & Privacy tab, then hit the Privacy menu in the center of the page. Scroll down to Sharing profile edits and hit change and you’re done.

It only takes a couple of clicks and I would recommend it especially as it could cause less potential aggravation for you and your contacts.

Create your own personalized URL

When you first create a page with most social media websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, your URL will be something like ‘linkedin.com/in/03674366f2c’. This would for one, be a pain to remember and doesn’t seem professional, especially when you can customize it.

As again it only takes a couple of clicks, it is well worth doing. By taking the time to change the URL you will increase your coverage in the search engines.

Here’s mine https://uk.linkedin.com/in/arranpullen 

Be active

I see LinkedIn as I do a good buffet – If you stand to wait in the corner with your plate in hand, tasty food isn’t going to magic itself onto it.

We have to get stuck in and just like a good buffet, LinkedIn has countless of different options for you to do so. By making connections with others, participating in groups that are specific areas of an industry you are interested in and sharing recourses, will help you get the best out of the LinkedIn experience.

Other ways…

Add your E-mail signature to LinkedIn

Connect LinkedIn with your Twitter account

Personalize your email LinkedIn requests

Well, that about wraps it up for today! I hope it helps you start to use this fantastic career resource tool.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and login to Linkedin and follow the steps I’ve shown you…easy peasy, right?

As the founder of Arran Pullen Career coaching, Arran has worked with career professionals and job hunters since 2007. As an accredited coach and NLP practitioner, he provides a safe sounding board for his client’s ideas and provides resources, strategies, and techniques to help them to exceed their career goals. His articles have appeared in various e-zine sites including EzineArticles.com and LinkedIn and focus on practical techniques to help professionals land their next job. As a former trainer, Arran also creates online courses and job landing tools that further support job hunters negotiate the job searching maze. To learn more about how to get your resume noticed by a hiring manager and land your next interview, go to – http://www.arranpullen.com/7-step-resume-checklist-land/ and pick up your FREE resume writing checklist.