As 2016 has finally drawn to a close, I for one have been looking back over my year, to see how far I’ve come since last January. Last year, I finally took a large leap into the unknown and seemed to have landed softly on the other side. I feel good about what I achieved last year, unlike this time last year where I had thought to myself ‘nothing has changed’’. Other people (maybe like yourself) could be feeling the same as I did last year and feel that this new year could be the right time to make a change for the better. If you’re thinking this is your year to move jobs, then let me give you six actionable strategies to help give your new job search the kiss of life and turn that job hunting frown upside down.

Collaborate With Other Job Hunters

Joining forces with another job hunter can have two main benefits. For one, you can bounce ideas off another job seeker who is going through a similar situation. Sharing experiences and solutions with one another can be beneficial in expanding knowledge on how best to navigate the job market. Secondly, those same people can give you motivation and honest feedback. Having that bond with someone else whilst going through this period means you both can be empathetic and candid. If you don’t know anyone looking for a new job, there are plenty of ways to find yourself a job finding buddy. There are plenty of social media groups that you could message, it’s great for networking and you never know, you may even find a job on there. Request to join our Private Facebook Group “The Job Insiders Club” and come say hello. Get advice and support from us and other job hunters.

Get To Grips With ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

If you’ve sent off loads of resumes to plenty of different companies and are still yet to have a response back, your resume is probably at fault. I’m not saying for one moment you don’t have the skills, experience or qualifications to get the job, it could be that you’re missing a vital piece of the puzzle when writing your resume. Relevant keywords. Companies use ATS to cut away the “deadwood” before an actual human person takes over. It saves the company time, effort and money when trying to find an employee. A simple way to beat the system is to use these relevant keywords which are usually found in and around the job description and advertisement. If the job description says that they are looking for someone that is ‘great at multitasking’ whilst ‘upholding a high standard of customer care’, use these words! If you’re typing out an online application, don’t try and save time by writing, “see the attached resume”. Keywords are the KEY to jumping the queue and actually getting your resume seen by human eyes.

Don’t Spend Hours Browsing Job Listings

It is easily done. So much time can be spent hunting through job boards to find an acceptable job, filling out an application form, and tailoring your resume to suit it. Hours of your valuable time can easily just slip away, without even feeling like you’ve accomplished much.Take a fresh approach. Try starting by making a list of companies that you do want to work for. They may not have any positions available right now, but they could well soon. Most big companies will have a career page on their website which will allow you to set alerts, so that you’ll be notified once they do. You can then start to research these companies, find out enough information to arm yourself with to produce a great resume. You can quite easily ring up and ask for who is likely to read your resume and tailor it even further. Even though they might not be hiring right away, it will show them you have initiative and determination enough so that they keep your resume on file and call you once something is available.


Some people don’t like doing this. They feel like they are asking for favors from someone they know or even don’t. But if you think of networking slightly differently, say, as a sharing of information or to build a mutually beneficial relationship, it may change what you say and do next time you do network. Next time you are networking, be sure to take an interest in them. Get to know the work they do, maybe point them in the direction of a helpful article if you know one. You may know someone already in their field; offer to introduce them to one another. The conversation will naturally move onto you at some point and now the mutually helpful relationship will start to bloom and you may get something great from that. Just think of networking as a relationship, not as a job offer.

Social Media  

Social media is a great tool for spending hours looking at people’s holiday photos and funny cat videos, but most job hunters don’t tap into the networking aspect even when it’s staring them in the face. All your friends can be asked questions with a few simple taps on a keyboard. Don’t be afraid to use this medium to share your adventure while searching for a new job. Your friends will be excited to help you and I’m sure some may even be able to give you some great advice..or a referral.

Put Yourself In The Hiring Managers Shoes  

By putting yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager when applying for any position, you will be able to identify what and who they are looking for in a new employee. Most managers will want to know that the new employee will fit in and be able to get along with the existing members of the team. But more than that, they will want to know if YOU can solve their problem. You will be a mere cog in a machine and they will want to be assured that you are the correct cog. By stepping into their shoes you will be able to see what exactly they will be looking for in a perfect candidate. By using this simple but effective technique, you will be able to know if you have a great resume or a boring generic one.

There you have it, some extra ways to kick-start your new year, to help you be productive in your new job search. By even incorporating a couple of these points, you should begin to really push you forward in making this 2017 a year of change.

Good luck in 2017!


As the founder of Arran Pullen Career coaching, Arran has worked with career professionals and job hunters since 2007. As an accredited coach and NLP practitioner, he provides a safe sounding board for his client’s ideas and provides resources, strategies, and techniques to help them to exceed their career goals. His articles have appeared in various e-zine sites including and LinkedIn and focus on practical techniques to help professionals land their next job. As a former trainer, Arran also creates online courses and job landing tools that further support job hunters negotiate the job searching maze. To learn more about how to get your resume noticed by a hiring manager and land your next interview, go to – and pick up your FREE resume writing checklist.