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As you can appreciate coaching is a confidential private agreement between myself and my clients and the nature of the discussions are private. However here are a small selection of my clients willing to share their experience with the world …

I have previously worked with many coaches over my career but Arran was the first Executive coach I had worked with. As an executive/senior manager it is sometimes hard to share your thoughts internally. I went into the first session with Arran with an open mind however the usual in trepidation of ok what’s this guy going to try and tell me this time…In the first 5 minutes I quickly realised Arran was different to coaches I had worked with in the past and made it very clear he wasn’t here to tell me what I should do he was here to listen and talk through anything I needed. Since that first session I have talked through many topics with him and true to his word he has never told me what I should do but simply empowered me to make decisions and choose paths using different techniques.I have grown personally in ways I did not realise I would, made important decisions using methods I had not previously thought of within work. Arran is a must have for any executive and I would encourage anyone who is looking to self-develop and improve to use his services. - 

Tim Ellis - Head Of Sales Martek Marine U.K

I really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss my future career goals and plans with Arran. It was an area which I found I was confused about. It has really helped me to focus on whats important and see the wood from the trees. The session has also helped me realise I have ambitions and ideas which I had forgotten about. Arran is calm and reassuring in his manner and approach and has given me some powerful tools to use in the future. I now have a plan of action which I can't wait to meet.

A. Baxter
A. Baxter Public Sector

A remarkable session with real "aha" moments. I am really starting to see the results of coaching with Arran already. Looking back I can see how far I've come to getting my business off the ground and putting the pieces together has been fantastic.

M.Fountain I.T Industry

Arran helped me set some fantastic goals and helped me visualise a clear path to achieving them. He was clear and very good at tailoring the sessions to my story and have learnt a huge amount from the sessions.

J.Foxall Self Employed

It was a tough session but I now feel invigorated and have more self belief to move forward with my career goal. I learnt it has been only myself stopping me from getting there. 

C. Jorden
C. Jorden Private Sector Exec

Arran was very relaxed and made me feel very comfortable, I was able to disclose many issues which I can see have been holding me back. Thank you it's been brilliant and I can now see a clear road map forward to getting the results I want.

G.Baylis Music

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